The Weight Loss Secret You Want To Know About

Grass Greens!

Having trouble losing weight? Tried thousands of diets and hours of exercise and still haven’t seen results?  Finally there is an all natural, proven weight loss product that will help you to lose weight and keep it off. Grass Greens is made from grass grown in the natural, green, pesticide free fields of Scandinavia, nourished by the waters of surrounding waterfalls. The grass is handpicked, boiled, purified and then dried into a powder.  The powder is packed full of natural fat burning ingredients such as chlorophyll (which gives grass its green colour), cellulose and chloroplasts as well as numerous vitamins and minerals. Thousands of animal species around the world rely solely on grass and vegetation for their nutrition so it only makes sense that humans include them in their diet too. The natural ingredients help to stimulate the body to burn fat as an energy source while maintaining important muscle mass. It helps to control blood sugar levels, curb appetite and the natural fibre in it helps to keep you feeling full and satisfied all day long. You simply mix the powder with 100ml of water and drink it five times a day, ideally 2 hours apart for maximum fat burning results. Sound too good to be true?….That’s because IT IS!! Yep, Grass Greens is a whole lot of BS! It is 100% fake – I made up the whole thing in about 5 minutes, threw in the words ‘natural’, ‘proven’ and ‘fat burning’ to suck you in. It was designed to show you how easy it is to fall for the marketing and advertising of weight loss pills and supplements.

Despite weight loss pills and products claiming to speed up metabolism, burn fat and reduce appetite the only thing they are going to reduce is your bank balance. Unfortunately these products aren’t regulated so any claims they make and the effectiveness of them don’t have to be proved before they are sold. Few of the supplements have undergone any scientific, clinical trials for their effectiveness or their safety.

The weight loss supplement industry is making millions of dollars by taking advantage of people through strategic marketing and advertising. Majority of these products need to be used in combination with ‘a healthy diet and exercise’, which is exactly where the weight loss comes from, not from the supplement itself. Sure they may be used as a placebo to help motivate healthy lifestyle changes but you would be putting your bank balance and health at risk.

I’m sure you have heard it before but it is true – there are no quick fixes to weight loss. Weight loss occurs when you expend more energy than you take in (this relates to the Laws of Physics). Healthy lifestyle changes that include eating healthy, reducing the intake of processed foods, controlling portion sizes, being mindful of what and when you are eating and regular activity is the best approach for healthy, long term weight loss.

Latest Comments

  1. Tim Crowe says:

    Love it! Had me sucked in to start with too as read just like dozens of similar spiels I’ve seen over the years for so many different products – each one having their brief moment in the sun before a new ‘miracle breakthrough’ product comes along to replace it.


  2. smilecalm says:

    I’ve not seen a skinny cow
    but maybe it’s different
    with people 🙂


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