Hi and welcome to my pantry!IMG_0551

What you will find inside is tips, info and ideas about how to eat healthy and feel great! Check out my blog for the latest no nonsense info on healthy eating. Over on the ‘Pantry to Plate’ page you will find quick, easy, delicious recipes and on the ‘Pantry Essentials’ page you will see all of my favourite foods that I always stock in my pantry,fridge and freezer!

Who am I you ask? I’m an accredited practicing  dietitian (APD) and nutritionist based in Melbourne. I have completed a Bachelor of Health Science and a Master of Dietetics at Deakin University.

I believe in eating a diet that contributes to all areas of health, happiness and wellbeing. Broccoli makes me healthy, cheese makes me happy and dining out with my beautiful family and friends is great for my wellbeing. I very much promote a well balanced approach to nutrition and truly believe in ‘everything in moderation’. Despite popular belief dietitians don’t just live off salad and celery sticks. Daily staples in my diet include cheese, olive oil, yoghurt, nuts, vegetables and berries. I absolutely love dining out at Melbourne’s fabulous restaurants, trying new cuisines and sampling new foods. I love fine dining and won’t pass on a good glass on wine.

You can check out what I’m feeding my belly on my instagram page or read all of my latest nutrition thoughts on my facebook page.

I hope you enjoy searching through my pantry!


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The info in this blog is intended to be used as a general guideline for health and wellbeing and does not replace individualised health and nutritional advice from a health professional team.

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