Eat More Veggies!

I’m not a big fan of new year resolutions. I don’t believe you need to wait till the new year to change your habits or to make healthier lifestyle choices. Nevertheless, I know people like to make them and that they often involve eating healthier or losing weight. One simple but effective strategy to achieve both of these is to eat more vegetables.  So simple but so effective. We all know vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and are super healthy but most of us don’t eat enough of them. Vegetables are nutrient dense and low in calories. By increasing your consumption and filling up on vegetables you will likely be decreasing your intake of other calorie dense food. Resolve to eat vegetables EVERYDAY and include them at lunch time and dinner (and breakfast too if you wish!). Check out the list below, you might be surprised by how many vegetables you could eat for the same amount of calories…

big mac1 Big Mac = 1.6kg of Broccoli broc

pizza   2 Slices of Pizza = 8 Cups of Carrots carrots

chips1 Large Chips = 13 Red Capsicums red cap

coke600ml Coca Cola = 30 Cups of Spinach spinach

iceceream 1 Mini Tub Ice Cream = 8 Cups of Mushrooms  mushrooms

mars bar1 Mars Bar = 1/2 Kilo Pumpkin pumpkin

crisps1 Packet Potato Chips = 8 Tomatoes tomato

Take home message = Eat more veggies!

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