Let’s End the Diet Wars

Let’s end the diet wars.

Everyone is on the quest for the best diet ever. The ultimate fail proof diet . Well I can tell you that there is and isn’t an ultimate best ever diet. Confused? Keep reading…

The diet wars won’t ever end. People will continue to claim they have found the best diet ever that is going to solve all of the health and obesity problems (only last week I saw a report on the news about ‘the best diet ever’). As a dietitian I wish I could tell you what the best diet is and there is one but unfortunately you have to figure it out for yourself. I know, I know it’s so much easier when we are just given the answer. But if you are on the quest to find the best diet ever only you can find it. But what I can tell you is this; Even though all of the healthful diets out there (Paleo, sugar free, Mediterranean, Okinawan, low carb,  high protein, low GI etc) bicker about being the best they would all actually agree on a few simple basics – eat wholesome foods, plenty of vegetables and nutrient rich, minimally processed foods. And even all of the scientific, nutrition research geeks would agree on that too (no offence nutrition geeks, I fall into that category too!).

So how you choose to base your diet on vegetables, nutrient rich, minimally processed wholesome foods is up to you. You know YOU the best and you know how to fit those foods into your day the best way possible. It may take some experimenting to see what works best for you. You may even take some ideas from the paleo diet, take some from the Mediterranean diet, take some from the high protein diet and combine them all together to make your very own best ever diet. Try 3 meals per day, try 6 meals per day. Try cutting back on red meat, try increasing fish. Try adding more healthy fats to meals, try vegetarian meals, try different combinations till you find what works best for YOU. What keeps you energized, what keeps you healthy, what keeps you happy, what eating style allows to have the best possible physical, social and emotional health? I can’t tell you that. It’s up to you to find out for yourself. Or not. I’m not going to tell you what to do. 😉

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  1. annesmileynutrition says:

    Completely agree! People really need to understand that there isn’t a one size fits all diet and we’re better off finding our own individual ‘niche’ through experimentation rather than follow what’s heavily marketed or trending. But at the end of the day, I’m glad that most “diets” promote increased consumption of vegetables and nutrient dense foods and less processed foods.


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