What if…?

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What if everyone stopped dieting?  What if everyone stopped counting calories, worrying about gluten, fructose, fat, protein, carbs and just ate healthy, wholesome foods?

What if everyone stopped being so focused on what the number on the scale said and they focused on being as healthy as they can be?

What if people ate healthy food because they knew it was good for their health? What if they ate vegetables, fruit, beans, wholegrains, legumes, fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds so they could reduce their risk of developing many diseases and improve their longevity?

What if we ate occasional foods only occasionally and when we did we enjoyed them without feeling guilty, bad or naughty?

What if people stopped following the fad and celebrity diets and followed nutrition advice based on facts and science? Science and research that the most intelligent and academic professionals have spent most of their life investigating?

What if people stopped doing 12 week bikini body challenges and just exercised regularly as part of a lifelong healthy lifestyle because they felt good afterwards and because it would improve their health?

What if people really tuned in and listened to their bodies. What if they ate when they were hungry and they stopped eating when they were full?

What if the media and magazines stopped bombarding us with celebrities that have lost 20kg and celebrities that have gained 20kg? What if they published articles about everyday people with healthy lifestyles. About busy, working mums who do the best they can to lead a healthy life or a busy professional who works long hours but still makes time eat healthy and keep active?

What if our environment stopped promoting quick, cheap, unhealthy convenience foods everywhere we looked? What if choosing healthy, wholesome, nutritious foods was an easier choice than driving through the drive through of a fast food restaurant?

What if we stopped comparing ourselves and our lives to others and we did what was best for us? What if we realized that someone else’s diet may not be the right one for us and someone else’s weight may not be the healthiest weight for us?

What if we were kinder to ourselves? What if we took some time out of each day just for our self and treated ourselves and our bodies with love and respect?

What if this happened? I think we would all be healthier and happier people.

Latest Comments

  1. Philomena says:

    Excellent piece Alex!


  2. Jo @ The Balanced Lunch Box says:

    Thanks Alex, good thoughts to ponder, Jo


  3. Emma says:

    Everyone time I read this, I send you a virtual high five. x


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