Fad Free Zone

Many people may find this post quite boring. Why? Because what I’m going to write about I’m sure you have all heard before. I’m not going to write about the latest ‘superfood’, nor am I going to go on about a new diet that promises amazing weight loss results. Nor will I write about the dangers/benefits of gluten, wheat, fructose, carbohydrates, saturated fats or sugars. What I am going to write about is a healthy balanced diet. I already know what you’re thinking…BORING! And yes you are probably right. This advice isn’t exciting, it’s not new, it’s not the latest trend in Hollywood and it won’t make it on the cover of your favourite gossip mag. It is sensible, it’s what major food and nutrition organisations round the world have recommended for years and it’s what works time and time again.

The diets that are linked to health and wellbeing, that promote long life and longevity, that are associated to the lowest rates of chronic disease (think the Mediterranean style diet, the Okinawa diet and the diet’s of those living in the ‘Blue Zone’) are all based on simple healthy eating principles. They don’t restrict foods, they are balanced. They promote a flexible way of eating, and they are a lifestyle approach not just the craze of the month. They don’t shame single nutrients, they don’t blame one food or nutrient for all of the world’s health problems and they aren’t fixated on ‘good foods’ Vs ‘bad foods’. They are a balanced healthy diet.

A healthy balanced diet is one that is based on wholesome, minimally processed foods. It is a diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables every day including beans, legumes and nuts. Any grains and seeds are minimally processed such as grainy breads, wholegrain cereals, brown rice and pasta, quinoa, amaranth, cous cous, freekah, barley, buckwheat & bulgar. If meat is included (which it doesn’t have to be) it is often done so sparingly with lean unprocessed cuts. Fish (especially oily fish) and dairy products often feature in many healthy balanced diets. Processed fast foods, sugary sweets and beverages are rarely eaten and water, teas and coffee (in moderation) is the drink of choice.

So when did a ‘healthy balanced diet’ go out of fashion? Why is it that we need a new fad or trend to follow? People are willing to follow a fad that restricts nutritious healthy fruit, nutrient & fibre filled grains and vitamin and mineral packed dairy products, but why won’t they follow a healthy balanced diet? It won’t surprise me (but will concern me) if the next fad somehow demonises vegetables!  Why don’t you join me in making ‘healthy eating’ the new trend in diets! Let’s make it exciting, let’s make it the talk of the town, let’s ditch the fads and get back to basics by simply eating a healthy balanced diet #healthyeating #fadfreezone #saynotofads #balanceddiet #wholesomefoods

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  1. Tim Crowe says:

    Great post Alex – you can never smack down dietary fads too much


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